The Clipper is a student news-gather organization for the Everett Community College. The Clipper aims to have student voices heard, report accurate information and to reflect the EvCC and surrounding community transparently. The Clipper has served the student body and college community at large since 1943. I began working at The Clipper in  September 2015 and worked as a staff writer until I graduated in June 2016. 

During my time here my main responsibility included researching and developing story ideas for the paper and website. My time was spent covering the financial beet where I wrote and produced stories that helped the community become knowledgable about money.


I learned all the phases in producing a monthly newspaper which included the pitching the story to the newsroom, conducting research about the story, interviewing and taking pictures to communicate the story properly, writing and editing the story and lastly designing the layout of the newspaper all while working on tight deadlines.


I also learned the importance of collaborating with the editor-in-chief's, other producers, photographers, and staff to prepare and present accurate, interesting stories for the students of Everett Community College.

Lastly, to better understand what our audience was interested in reading we setup Google Analytics to track what our most popular stories were which helped us pick out new story ideas for the next issue of.

If you want to learn more about my time at The Clipper feel free to reach out to me​

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