PressFriendly launched in 2013  we were a self-directed software platform to help startups build and manage their own PR activities (think MailChimp for PR), but since then we've evolved our services to create the best possible PR outcomes for startups.


Now, we're a virtual PR agency built upon a software backbone. We're still a startup focused on getting PR results and we now sell the software (PitchFriendly) to some of the world's top PR agencies. I began working at PressFriendly August 2017 as a public relations specialist intern. My main responsibility while working at PressFriendly was to create contact media lists for our clients and then write pitches to the media in hopes our clients received publicity. The biggest accomplishment, while I was here, was the team and I landed a few clients in publications like TechCrunch, MensHealth and The Wall Street Journal. 


While working here I was able to work in industries ranging from travel all the way to emerging tech and everything in between. This gave me a unique advantage to observe hundreds of websites which helped me quickly identify what a credible website was that our clients would be proud to be in. I also learned how to navigate and identify edge markets which allowed me to find new leads. The most valuable piece of experience I learned, however, was the importance of having a large network of writers to call upon whenever your company needs their story to be heard. 

If you want to learn more about my time at PressFriendly feel free to reach out to me​

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