Washington State University Everett Engineering Club

Founded in 2014, the WSU Everett Engineering Club has been working to create an organization in which students can take part in engineering projects. With a proven track record of finishing in the top 10 for the competitions, the club competes in. I began working here in August 2017 and stayed on the team till my graduation in May 2019. My position was the director of public relations my main responsibility in this role was to facilitate  internal and external communication that effectively promotes the organization and its teams this included:

  • Creating technical graphics, technical documents, and other marketing materials

  • Responsible for organizing external events, seminars, and internal events

  • Work with engineering teams to create product datasheets and supporting graphics, including engineering schematics, block diagrams, performance curves, and waveforms

  • Create videos of the team's projects to show at events and competitions

  • Update the clubs website

  • Social media content management

  • Web content management

  • Manage online analytics and sponsorship lead generation

  • Rebrand the logo of the club and the team's logos

While my time as in this position I was able to find a passion for working with other disciplines than my own. I enjoy working with engineers to bring their technical writing and make it easier for everyone to consume. One of my favorite projects that I was able to do for the club was create marketing materials for their events at elementary schools making it easier for kids to understand what was going on inside our Mars Rover and seeing the kids get excited about learning was an experience I will never forget. 

If you want to learn more about my time at Washington State University Everett Engineering Club feel free to reach out to me​

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