Northwest Innovation Resource Center

The NW Innovation Resource Center (NWIRC) is a nonprofit organization that helps inventors and entrepreneurs with the strategy, tools and community resources they need to successfully launch their ideas. I began working at the NWIRC in 2017 as a communication specialist intern. My primary duty for the position was to be an account manager for the multiple clients NWIRC has. This included creating integrated strategic marketing in these campaigns I would:

  • Create all marketing material for clients this included presentations, product data sheets, websites, logos, branded social media posts, videos, photographs, specific imagery, verbiage and colors of the campaign

  • Create social media calendars for the client

  • Create slogans and branded hashtags

  • Create public relations documents which included maintaining media contact lists and writing press releases for the clients

This role also included executing the campaigns, this is when I would use the social media calendar to start posting on the client's social media, begin emailing journalists to write about the client and would use Google Analytics to identify new ways to tailor the content on the websites.


Secondary roles of mine for this position included promoting the company online and offline. Online I was the website and social media manager for the NWRIC's. To elaborate I would create original content and curate content to post on the website and social media to promote growth for the nonprofit. Offline I would help the NWIRC put on events this is where I would take pictures and shoot video to post on social media. 

Since then I've become the Digital Marketing Specialist for the company to put it short I create campaigns and execute them through social media and Google Adwords.


If you want to learn more about my time at the NWIRC feel free to reach out to me

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